Putting Your Emotions In Check

If you feel like a volcano ready to erupt with anger,it’s not a good time to set a boundary. Anger or any other intense emotion polarizes communication. We use attacking languages or we start whinning like a victim.Often that triggers a similar reaction in the other person and a fight ensues. It’s impossible to thinkContinue reading “Putting Your Emotions In Check”

10 Of My Favorite Feelings Will Actually Do

A huge appreciation to Xandria for coming up with this awesome idea for a tag and Pooja for continuing the chain.Shout out to SANIYAhttp://www.s4niy4.wordpress.com for nominating me. You can visit her blog to catch up with amazing and life-changing blog contents.For me,this is good fun.To be able to connect back to my feelings both old and new is a greatContinue reading “10 Of My Favorite Feelings Will Actually Do”