My name is Omobola Stephen.

I am the Managing Director of Bluebuttons Communications Networks which is a full-fledged online media agency.

Our services include Digital and online services ranging from Online writing and publishing.

Social media optimization and search engine optimization strategies for business growth.

Digital marketing of products and services.

I am also a life and relationship blogger and this is very passionate for me.

Sometimes, life can brew its bitter galls on us and we don’t know how to wade through in those difficult times,reaching out to an emotional upliner will do.

I am here for you,let’s unburden and lighten up. Life isn’t to be feared but understood.

Everyone of us needs to show how much we care for each other and in the process,care for ourselves.

– Diana, Princess of Wales

You can reach me on

(234) 8023381809 or send a mail to


Or contact@youmattertolife.com

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